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cornerstone recycling - Concrete Recyling

Concrete Recycling

Utilize this small space to describe to your users the general concept or focus of this service.

Concrete from demolition projects, wash out from concrete plants, orphan pre-cast products such as manholes, rap pipe, pre-stressed concrete panels etc. can be processed into crusher run, with a 2” to 3” oversized material. These end products can be used in the same manner as quarry purchased materials.


Here’s the bottom line, our method can save you $$$. This is accomplished by using the same company for all phases of removal and by reusing the recycled product into the job or by selling it for profit. With our fully mobile equipment we set up on or near your job site. We can do the work that traditionally took three or four subcontractors. We offer a complete service of breaking (rubblization) and removal as well as crushing and screening on site to recycle concrete, rock or asphalt.


The second reason It Makes Cent$ to Recycle is the benefit to the environment. If you recycle site rubble into a reusable material, you divert it from landfills as well as decrease or possibly eliminate the need to purchase newly quarried native stone. Whatever your need - from rip-rap to filter sand - we can meet it and turn your debris into $. Utilizing the appropriate settings on both the Recycling Machine and the Power Screen we can produce various size product in one process.


Cornerstone Recycling, LLC has successfully performed many different varieties of recycling of waste materials.

cornerstone recycling - Concrete Recyling

Concrete wash out located on site at a ready mix concrete batch plant, this concrete had been dumped for years and was about 20’ thick, with the use of explosives we broke up this material and then crushed it on-site with portable crushing and screening plants and produced a 1 1/2” product which was then sold to the public for road base.

cornerstone recycling - Concrete Recyling

I-85 Design/Build project in Charlotte braking and removal of 16 miles of 8” thick concrete roadway, then using portable crushing and screening plants we recycled this into a 1 1/2” minus crusher run material that is being recycled as road base. We also recycle all the steel reinforcement bars which was imbedded in the concrete, making this a 100% recycled project.

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